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Breedlove admires cohesion between communities, civic organizations, and government entities

Posted Date: 12/11/2017
By: Ezell Breedlove

Communities, civic groups, and government entities bonding together is important to creating positive change.

When reflecting on my life and responsibilities as Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of Communications and Community Engagement Volunteer Program Coordinator, I’m thankful for the vast number of Arkansans who embrace the concept of service organizations and government programs being unified to assist an area’s residents.           

My name is Ezell Breedlove. I’m a native of Southwest Little Rock. I was raised in a neighborhood where the residents valued intangibles such as accountability, goodwill, generosity.

Thus, as an adult, it’s no surprise that making sure a community’s needs are met have been the basis of my professional life.

I’m an alumnus of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. My bachelor’s is in Mass Communication. However, I was once a Criminal Justice major. During that time I was encouraged by a professor to become a police officer. Eventually, while residing in North Carolina, I enrolled in a local police academy. After graduating from the academy, I was hired by a department in Maryland where I spent eight years policing numerous cities.

One thing that simplified the task of my colleagues and I was the helpful nature of the citizens we served. When we had to work alongside the townspeople – it was typically a pleasant experience.

I marvel at how the close-knit environment of the neighborhood I was raised in, and my former duties as a cop, impact how I handle my current DHS responsibilities.               

We as DHS staff are dedicated to promoting the idea of citizens partnering with government entities to improve their local neighborhood. In fact, I’ve gained an even bigger appreciation for Arkansas’ community partners, due to my duties with DHS.

As a former law enforcement officer and someone who now promotes volunteerism in Arkansas – I can’t emphasize enough the importance of townspeople and community partners respectfully helping government agencies and programs fulfill a designated goal.

If you desire to be among the community members involved in civic service – making an immediate impact, go to volunteerar.org. You’re likely to see a service opportunity that will pique your interest.        

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